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Risk Management

Insurance can compensate you in the event of a loss. But how do you prevent losses from occurring? When they do occur, how do you mitigate the damage? The truth is, many claims are avoidable. Executing a plan to diminish your loss exposure will reduce your costs and headaches, all while promoting a safe working environment for your employees.

Remember, any agent can write you a policy. The Blystone Company takes a vested interest in your success by offering preventative solutions that will save you much more in the long run.

Our risk management services include:

• All-inclusive risk management assessment plans
• On-site and online injury, loss prevention, and loss control services
• Industry and occupation specific training
• Interactive support services via e-mail, phone, fax, webinar
• OSHA compliance & discrimination testing
• Certified safety committee services
• Background checks
• Post- accident investigation
• State and federal regulatory advice
• Health, safety, and emergency procedure implementation
• Fleet maintenance
• I-9 recordkeeping
• Employment practices consulting
• Personalized documents, forms, and state and federal postings

The time to perform risk management is not after you have a claim. Talk to us about how you can take advantage of these services today.

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Here's a short video on how our Risk Management programs help your business: Risk Management Services Video